Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fine eyed talents are three barrier reefs

Captain Feelings and Navy were out for a stroll.
They touched the very gnarled signage here and preserved their own separate meat with the seaspray. They sat down gingerly on the stone siding and began to converse :

Captain Feelings : "I've spent all day drawing floral patterns for my cousin's car."

Navy: "You know, when a majority of the time in my day was fixed on drawing lines or filling in colour, my dreams are hand drawn for me while I sleep."

Capt. Feel: I totally know what you mean. Totally.

Nav: "Great."

Capt. F: "Yeah, it's really fine."

Na: "Nah." Capt: "Yah." N: "ever." Cap: "I'll shoot you."

They shot at each other for a while but before they could finish,

it got really late.

so they stumbled around in the dark until they found each other's hands and they quickly walked home laughing.

Killing king abacus

It was an anthill. They sure came out like Wizards

Very very crooked ships carry
Beastly nooks and Knoweldge franks.

Commence gliding!


We killed king A
Break out the fine smelling sticks for us to smell.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Short list

CAT- BILLI काट बिल्ली . Hang on, there'smore


(Old one, for archival purposes)