Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Angola Flotilla

Float McCoy, in a steam storm, once lost himself.
When he managed to levitate out of the hot mess, he ventured to find himself once again.
60 years in a cave yielded results.
He felt his salvation in the logical law of identity.
He had a pair of specially etched spectacles made to forever remind him that:


Unfortunately, he failed to take into account the fact that, whenever wearing the spectacles he never takes off, he sees the law backwards: A=A.

And so, he wreaks havoc with his steam fleet that isn't what it is.


Boris said...

Sweet greg, he looks like my english teacher.

Greg said...

Probably is!

Cadence said...

So good!

I particularly like his damp spelunking pants.

Matias Hannecke said...

Your becoming a damn fine illustrator. When we meet again we have to throw down some sick lines foo.

Christy said...

This kicks