Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Drained of all Cartography

I had a dream some time ago.
I was standing on the crest of a mountain on Guadalcanal.

I've never been to Guadalcanal, but I woke up with a very strange confidence in the geographical and topographical layout of the small island.

In my dream, the island was shaped like an S that had been pushed off balance towards the West and a photograph-map had been taken just before it hit the imaginary ground horizon. I was convinced that most of the southern half of the Island was comprised of mountain ranges, the tallest of which occurred a little West of center in the chain. This is the mountain my dream took place on.

I woke up very certain that my topographical knowledge of this island could not be correct.

But recently I decided to check.


I tried to remember where and when I would have been exposed to the geographical and topographical information that I rehashed in dreaming.

I tried to understand why I would have committed that information to memory.

I could not remember and I cannot understand. I am afraid I may have to admit that I have not yet been externally exposed to this information, but I suspect I may be living backwards in time.

It is possible that this information will be or has been instrumental to my future self.

I found out later that
the mountain's name is Mt. Makarakomburu.
It is 2447m above sea level.

I can remember nothing more from my dream.

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