Thursday, June 07, 2007

Talking to shoes

Right, so.

When I converse with a person,
They shoot out some language and it makes some sounds in my head.
If it's one I know, I'd like to think I understand it.

That's how talking works.

Given this, plenty of other things speak to me.

When I learned to read in English, I discovered much to my horror, that I couldn't look at words without reading them anymore.
That's the way it works.

From that point on, I could no longer simply look at words.
They spoke to me, made sounds in my head and I understood them.

So, I found my shoes today to put them on so I could leave the house.
There were words right on the soles looking up at me. They were printed on orange and yellow card, sneakily behind a clear layer of some sort of Technocomfort gel.

I found them speaking to me.
This is what the left and right shoes said to me respectively:

Left Shoe:
These shoes do it all!

Right Shoe:
These shoes do it all!

Thanks, shoes.
Talk to you later.

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